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Crash (Accident) Reconstruction

Typical Questions:

Were highway defects or deficiencies related to the crash?

How fast were the vehicles traveling?

Was excessive speed involved?

Which vehicle crossed the centerline?

Who was at fault?

Could the driver have stopped in time if driving attentively?

Could the driver have avoided striking the pedestrian?

We can
be at a crash site quickly; critical when conditions are likely to change.

During a recon, Hicks & Nogan will, where applicable:

Examine/inspect crash sites
Examine/inspect involved vehicles and property

Use police reports and photos

Use other pertinent materials, including EDR data, ECM data
Perform technical analyses/calculations to determine what happened

Prepare reports for our client

Prepare exhibits for trial

Testify at depositions/trials

Crash Recon Slideshow
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Hicks & Nogan have performed a variety of vehicle crash reconstructions, including:
Angled and right angle crashes, School bus crashes, Single vehicle crashes, Crashes with more than 2 vehicles, Tractor-Trailer truck (i.e. Semi-truck trailer) crashes, Criminal defense cases, Crashes involving bicycles, Head-on crashes, Motorcycle Crashes, Pedestrian Knockdowns

Jay Nogan has performed a variety of vehicle crash reconstructions/investigations where the following may have been a factor:
Mechanical Failures, Data from a car's Event Data Recorder (EDR), a.k.a. Crash Data Recorder, Data from a heavy-duty truck's Engine Control Module (ECM), Motorcycle operator actions