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Highway and Transportation Engineering

Were highway defects or deficiencies related to the crash?
Did conditions or operations conform to established practice?

We can answer these and other questions related to personal injury thought to have resulted from highway defects.
We examine crash sites and review available information to determine if roadway conditions were a cause of a crash, and we assist in identifying responsible parties when in question.

We can be at a crash site quickly; critical when conditions are likely to change.

Richard Hicks has over 25 years of practical experience in transportation engineering.

During his 16 years of forensic engineering, Richard has investigated crash cases that involved:
Pavement edge drop-offs, deficient sight distance at intersections, railroad crossings and on roadways, work zones and work zone operations, contractor failures to keep mud off roadways, obstructions in the clear zone area, lack of guardrail, improper guardrail placement, and improper end treatment, false indication from improperly adjusted optically programmed traffic signal, improper signing, lack of signing, failure to maintain unobstructed view of signs, improper drainage and other defects resulting in hydroplaning, pedestrian struck due to improper signal timing, improper control of pedestrian movement, driver expectancy