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Mechanical Failures (including Mobile Equipment, Machine Guarding & Other Mechanical Equipment)

Typical Questions:
Was it operator error?
Was the equipment maintained properly?
Were proper replacement parts used?
Were proper warnings present?
Did a part fail?

Jay Nogan has over twenty years of practical experience with mobile equipment, hydraulic systems, failure analyses, mechanical design plus 16+ years in a manufacturing environment.


Jay examines the equipment, scenes/sites and use reports and photos, other pertinent materials, and technical analysis to determine what happened, and the answers to such questions:
When appropriate, exemplar equipment is tested to replicate the failure, or to eliminate causes

Mechanical failures can involve equipment ranging in complexity from relatively simple (lawn mowers) to extremely complicated (giant off-road excavator) equipment with a maze of sub-assemblies. 

The failure of a small or inexpensive part(s) can result in major injuries and/or economic loss.
Mechanical failures can contribute to vehicle crashes, including off-road equipment crashes.


For those cases that warrant extensive and complex computer simulations, we recommend our technical partner:  The SimuTech Group.

Mechanical Equipment
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Jay Nogan has investigated numerous cases related to mechanical equipment/failures:
He has qualified in court as an expert in cases involving mechanical failures.

Jay has designed, analyzed, operated, consulted/performed casework involving this equipment:

Tractors, Excavators, Cranes, Loaders, Dozers (bulldozers), Motor Graders (road grader), Manlifts, Forklifts, Skid steer loaders (Bobcat®), Sweepers, Farm implements, Lawn equipment, Dump trucks and trailers, Other mobile equipment, Air compressors, Other mechanical equipment