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 Hicks & Nogan:

Our mission is to provide forensic and expert witness services of the highest quality and value to all clients.  Our industry and forensic experience combined with our similar forensic philosophies and complementary skills bring synergy to your case.

 Call (800) 596-1668 to discuss your case or Visit Our Contact Page

Expert Consulting Services by Hicks and Nogan

Accident Reconstruction   Learn More about Crash Reconstruction
       Heavy-Duty Trucks

Civil Engineering Issues, Construction Accidents
Highway/Transportation Engineering   Learn More about Highway Engineering

Mobile Equipment Accidents   Learn More about Mobile Equipment

Vehicle Engineering, Motorcycle Operation

Machine Guarding, Mechanical Failures   Learn More about Mechanical Failures, Machine Guarding

Professional Liability

Slips, Trips, and Falls*

Learn more about our Expert Consulting Services, Forensic Experience,
Expert Witness Services and Areas of Expertise  

Learn More about Hicks and Nogan